Hand-crafted coffee machines in Barcelona

Spain since 1962.

“Craft well, very well”

This concept marks ASCASO philosophy.

The extremely high quality of the materials, the painstaking design of components, rigorous tests and trials … in short, the creation of reliably constructed, honest products.

Each and every coffee machine made undergoes a one-by-one test.

Ascasso quest for excellence has allowed the company to extend the international warranty to 5 years on all of Ascasso boilers & groups purchased from 2019.

Dimensions (WxDxH)mm 400 × 450 x 540
Water tank (L) 5
Weight (kg) 35
Power (230V) 2300W
Vibrating Pump Yes
Pump pressure (atm) 20
Electronic coffee Electronically
Thermostat adjustable
Safety thermostat Yes
Brass filterholder 58mm
Anti-drip solenoid valve Yes
Independent groups Yes
Independent coffee groups Yes
Independent steam boiler Yes
Adjustable pressure valve Yes
Height coffee spout to cup 12cm