Sanremo – Cube R

When you choose Sanremo Coffee Machines, you are not just buying a professional tool or a piece of design: you are acquiring the key to enter our world of “coffee lovers” When you turn on a Sanremo, you turn on your passion for coffee.

The perfect fit for everyone.


+ 1.9L heat exchanger boiler stainless steel AISI 316
+ 1.8L internal water tank
+ Themosiphon group with mechanical pre-infusion
+ Boiler power 1500W/230 Vac – 1300W/120Vac
+ Energy Saving System
+ WiFi connection with Web App
+ Complete set of accessories for user experience

CUBE R Plus features

+ Selectable water supply from internal tank or main line
+ High performance volumetric pump rated 54L/h
+ Digital display

Smart Coffee at your Fingertips

+ Remote machine on/off
+ Set-up boiler temperature (for CUBE_R)
+ Manage water tank level
+ Enable and manage water filter signaling.
+ Show shot time in real time
+ Statistics: daily, weekly and monthly counters for coffee and water consumption.
+ Weekly scheduler to program up to three different “time slot” per day to fit perfectly around your life!